Enjoy Quicker, Easier, and More Comfortable Dental Care with CEREC Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an effective solution for damaged teeth, but the traditional wait for conventional crowns can be uncomfortable and leave the tooth susceptible to more damage. However, Brilliant Smiles Dentistry offers CEREC same-day dental crowns to reduce the wait time when restoring your smile with dental crowns. Through the amazing CEREC technology, Drs. Terry Peterson and Stephanie Troglin can plan, design, create, and place dental crowns in one appointment!

How do CEREC dental crowns work?

A dental crown is required if you have tooth decay or damage that’s too significant for a dental filling. A dental crown encapsulates the entire tooth to improve your tooth’s function and appearance. Dental crowns also replace missing teeth with other restorations like implants and bridges.

Traditionally, restoring your smile with crowns involves several dental appointments spanning multiple weeks. However, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) allows dentists to plan and place dental crowns in one day— in fact, in a matter of hours!

Like a traditional crown, placing a CEREC crown starts with a consultation and then tooth preparation. Next, instead of taking bite impressions of your tooth by biting into a tray of gooey material, CEREC dentists use digital scans. Digital scanning is far more comfortable than goop-based impressions, resulting in super-accurate impressions. 

Next, we feed the digital images of your tooth into a computer-assisted design (CAD) unit that designs your crown right before your eyes. After the approval of the crown design, the image is transmitted to an in-house milling machine that creates your restoration from a porcelain block within minutes. 

After your crown is fabricated, we use dental cement to bond your crown to the tooth. That’s what there is to a CEREC dental crown! Instead of weeks, we restore your smile within hours, and the crown looks and functions like a traditional crown, if not better. 

Real Patients, Real Results Brilliant Smiles Dentistry – Before and After Images of Patients

Crowns Before and After Results
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Benefits of CEREC dental crowns

We continue to be amazed by the convenience of CEREC dental crowns, and we’re sure you’ll be, too. These are the many benefits of same-day dental crowns.

  • There’s no need for temporary crowns
  • Reduced number of anesthetic shots
  • Digital impressions are far more comfortable than physical impressions
  • Advanced technology results in precise-fitting restorations

Same-day dental crowns are ideal for patients who need a restored smile but can’t commit to multiple appointments. Call (602) 953-1850 to restore your smile today with CEREC dental crowns from Brilliant Smiles Dentistry.