Enjoy Gentle and Safe Dental Extractions at Brilliant Smiles Dentistry

Having a tooth extraction is never a good experience, but sometimes, it’s necessary to manage dental pain and infection. Brilliant Smiles Dentistry will do everything possible to save your teeth, but if your tooth must be removed, we’ll be as gentle and conservative as possible. Better yet, you don’t have to live without teeth because we offer several replacement options to restore your smile to complete health. 

Reasons why we may need to extract your tooth

No one wants to lose their natural tooth, but sometimes your beloved tooth has to go to improve your overall health. These are some scenarios where our dentist may recommend removing your tooth.

  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • Troublesome wisdom teeth
  • To pave the way for orthodontic treatment
  • To resolve overcrowded teeth
  • A baby tooth preventing proper eruption of permanent teeth
  • Advanced gum disease

Dental extractions are safe for all ages, from children with troublesome baby teeth to adults or seniors needing implants. Our dentists offer gentle extractions to restore oral health, whether removing wisdom or ordinary teeth. Many patients report optimal comfort during and after removing their troublesome teeth. 

Dental extraction options for optimal health

Dental extractions can either be simple or surgical. In both cases, we’ll precisely anesthetize your gums to ensure you don’t feel pain during treatment. Simple extractions are necessary if your tooth is visible and easily accessible. The dentist uses special tools and skills to loosen the tooth from its socket before pulling it out. 

Surgical extractions are recommended when the tooth is impacted or broken at the gum line level. The surgical extraction removes the connective tissues so the trapped tooth can be removed. Usually, the tooth is broken into pieces for easier removal and to prevent excessive trauma to the surrounding tissues. 

After removing the tooth, the dentist cleans the area and closes the tissues with sutures to kick-start healing. Whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction, we’ll offer aftercare instructions to ensure you recover without complications. 

Affordable dental extractions near me

Your oral health deserves the best, and our dentists will choose the best option for you. Do you need dental extraction in Scottsdale, AZ? Call (602) 953-1850 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Terry Peterson and Stephanie Troglin for safe yet effective dental extractions.