Get Your Smile Back to its Healthy Glory with Restorative Dentistry

Smiles make the world go round, but they can be pretty delicate. Accidents and decay can happen, robbing your smile of vibrance and function. The good news? Restorative dentistry from Brilliant Smiles Dentistry can handle almost all your dental flaws to restore your smile’s function and appearance. So, whether you have damaged or missing teeth, schedule an appointment with Drs. Terry Peterson and Stephanie Troglin for a life-changing dental appointment.

Our restorative dental care services

Your teeth may be the hardest part of your body, but they don’t last forever and could require repair. With restorative dental care, we can improve the look and function of your smile—don’t let a damaged smile steal your smile and happiness. Please schedule an appointment with us today for smile restoration.

Some of our restorative dental care services include:

  • Dental fillings: Dental cavities start as minor holes but can cause significant problems if not treated. We offer composite fillings to treat cavities and prevent them from progressing. Our dental fillings are created from a tooth-colored material to restore your tooth without ruining its natural aesthetics.
  • Dental crowns: When your tooth damage or decay is too extensive for a dental filling, we’ll cover up your tooth with a dental crown to restore its appearance and strength. Our office offers porcelain crowns because of their natural appearance and durability.  
  • Root canals: When your tooth’s pulp chamber is damaged or infected, you need a root canal to manage pain and protect your tooth from extraction. Root canals in our office are painless and effective in restoring your smile to its pre-damage state. 
  • Teeth replacements: Despite advanced dental technologies and more people being aware of preventive dental care, tooth loss is still a common concern. Several reasons can result in tooth loss, including decay, injury, and gum disease. Our services include dental implants, dentures, and bridges to rebuild your smile after tooth loss. 
  • Periodontics: Your smile isn’t all about your teeth—your gums matter, too. Our dental team offers periodontal diagnostics and treatments to ensure you maintain optimal gum health at all times.  

Restorative dentistry restores your smile’s function and appearance and relieves dental pain for a comfortable lifestyle. Whether you have missing or damaged teeth, Brilliant Smiles Dentistry can give you a reason to smile with restorative dentistry. Call (602) 953-1850 to schedule an appointment today.